Why Does Everyone Want to Become an Illustrator?

Is there any gene responsible for creativity? How to develop a creative way of thinking, imagination, and other talents? What helps people create imaginary worlds on the PC screen, a piece of the paper, or the wall of the building? These are the questions a lot of people ask. Such a high interest to the profession of a graphic designer and illustrator is understandable since this career is quite profitable. And John Thompson is a good example for youngsters.

Illustrator: create your own style

What is it to be an illustrator?

The desire of the customer to see only beautiful and catchy things implies high requirements to the quality design and the work of an illustrator, not to mention the uniqueness of the brand image. Therefore, qualified specialists of this profile are in demand. Being a graphic designer is tightly connected to creativity and hard work, demanding a lot of energy from a person. Nevertheless, young specialists are interested in this business since a designer will never stay without projects and there is always a chance to freelance. Remote work can also become the first place of work of the expert. This is an excellent starting point for beginning a career since freelancing allows you to quickly gain experience in a variety of design areas.

Illustrator: create your own style

Illustrator: create your own style

The special thing about the artist-illustrator is that he can show his special manner and style in the design of printed products and web pages. Just remember children’s books with bright and kind illustrations that make each page unique. In addition, illustrators are involved in serious projects; they develop styles of entire companies, create branded images that consumers associate with a particular feature of the company.

If you love literature, know how to draw, have infinite imagination, and want to become recognizable, then you should choose this profession. You will definitely see the delight of those who observe the fruits of your labors. For this profession, it is necessary to learn how to draw by hand since illustration is one of those areas that have not yet been fully computerized. Often the drawing is scanned, but the peak of professionalism is the ability to create illustrations on the computer.

Basic skills required for an illustrator

If you want to become a graphic designer or illustrator, you should possess the following skills:

  • Knowledge of basic disciplines in the field of design (color science, coloristics, the basis of composition, etc.);
  • Special knowledge in the field of polygraphy (technology of printing processes, polygraphic materials and equipment, etc.);
  • Working with the specialized computer programs (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, and their analogs).

Designers are people of different professions with different life experiences. Often a hobby develops into a profession. And if your passion brings both pleasure and good income, it is a dream job! That’s why a lot of people want to become a graphic designer, and we do so!